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Gathering multiple blockchains to offer you an all-in-one blockchain solution, making API services effortless for developers.
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Infrastructure of Data123

Easy to understand, efficient and reliable, lower technical threshold, and expand the scope of participation of the ecological chain.
High Available Infrastructure
A fully managed, globally distributed network of nodes, APIs, and tooling that empower Web3 developers.
Enterprise-grade security
Ensure the security of user privacy data, services, technology and applications 24/7.
Support Multiple Blockchains
Data123 API service support Aleo and Filecoin, and will gradually support more blockchain APIs in the future.
Data Visualization
Create dashboards, query public blockchain data, and swiftly assess data interpretation and analysis result.

Build Decentralized Application

Utilizing the powerful capabilities of Data123 to enable developers to easily access API services.
A Powerful Infrastructure at Your Fingertips
Looks easy huh? Under the hood, Data123 APIs feature state-of-art engineering. And, if you are struggling, we are always here to help.
Building blockchain applications
Developers can use blockchain APIs to create applications that interact with blockchain networks
Simple and easy web APIs (REST) enable developers to build blockchain applications quickly and confidently.
Accessing blockchain data
Allowing developers to retrieve transaction history, smart contract information, and market data.

Supported Block Chains

We're continually expanding our chain of stores. Stay tuned for updates!
Now, you can use the Aleo,Filecoin and Starknet API services we offer.
We are always working on adding new chains. Stay tuned!.
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